A project under the programme European Social Fund Plus.


The project is implemented by FIEQUIMITAL (Portugal) in cooperation with:


The project Making information the basis for strengthened and increased working rights in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors within the context of intra-EU posting of workers (INFO-RIGHTS) will pursue three objectives:

  1. Develop accessible, user-friendly and transparent information on the rules and procedures governing intra-EU posting of workers, with a focus on the agriculture and manufacturing sectors and within the framework of posting through temporary work agencies.
  2. Build the capacities of interested stakeholders – including workers and employers, as well as social partners, involved in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors – to carry out posting procedures in compliance with the EU laws and national agreements, within the overall perspective of ensuring the respect of workers’ rights and contributing to the economic and social growth of the European single market.
  3. Increase the chances for a widespread and EU-wide – i.e. beyond the consortium – awareness and utilization of the deliverables and results developed in the project.

Activities and Results

WP1 Project management

  1. Online Tip-off Meeting
  2. Online Progress Reporting Meeting

WP2 Development of the Informative

  1. Face-to-face Experts Working Meeting in Spain
  2. Informative Portal
  3. Specific Case Studies
  4. Video blogs
  5. Development of the chatbot

WP3 Plan for Information and Communication

  1. Dissemination campaign
  2. European Labour Mobility Congress
  3. 6 online meetings
  4. Online EU-level Presentation Conference