Hosting of Vocational Students

InterCollege as your intermediary organization for VET mobilities in Denmark

InterCollege already have experience in hosting over 500 students but are always ready to find new partners and to receive new students.

Together with 12 Danish VET-institutions, InterCollege has for 7 years been sending close to 1000 VET-students to companies abroad. We therefore know and understand the needs and challenges you are facing as sending institution.

During the last two years, InterCollege has been the driving force in the strategic partnership “Quality+” where we have developed standards and tools to increase quality in mobility of VET-Students.

What can we offer?

We can offer all the services that other intermediary organisations do. What makes us unique is our focus on learning and quality over focus on quantities and profit.

We will host your groups and find them work placement in companies where they get the chance to work with tasks relevant for their studies.

We cannot promise that we can find work-placement in all sectors, but we promise to be open and realistic about the possibilities.

For more information about what we can offer, please download the factsheet here.