Growing Green

“Growing Green” is a capacity building project led by Fora Copenhagen in partnership with InterCollege and other three partner organisations in Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia”

The project addresses the need of bringing non-formal education in line with the current global challenges and mainstream Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education as a new core element.

A UN report shows that there were at least 74 million young people unemployed in 2015. A further report identifies that temperatures in 2015 have been about 1 degree Celsius above the pre-industrial era, an effect caused by a human induced global warming.

With entrepreneurship being promoting as a tool to fight unemployment, the partners have agreed to be essential that this generation of young entrepreneurs are not only educated in creating financially successful enterprises, but also sustainable enterprises that utilise the worlds natural and human resources responsibly.

However, from their research, the partners identified that the concept of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education, besides of being relatively new, is only slowly evolving within academia and higher education, being hardly present in the non-formal education with youth.

The partners developed a guide in Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education that can be used by youth workers in their activities. The Guide consists of four parts:
1. Introduction to Sustainable Entrepreneurship;
2. Non- Formal Education Methods in Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education;
3. Examples of sustainable businesses
4. A Resource List

Through the project activities, 62 youth workers at consortium level were trained to promote sustainable entrepreneurship trainers amongst young people in their communities. The project reached more than 300 young people, as well as stakeholders in the non-formal education field.

Download: Sustainable Entrepreneurship. A Collection of Non-Formal Education Methods